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(1/16 DIN Humidity Controller (Relay Output)

(Model: HC-01)

ราคาพิเศษ 6,500 บาท



Product Description:

This high precision, well featured industrial grade relative humidity controller can be used for sausage drying, incubator, and green house humidity control.

This controller has some useful features that many other humidity controllers on the market don't have.

The dual display allows the user to see both set humidity and actual humidify at the same time. This is a useful feature for applications that humidity setting needs to be changed frequently. If you forgot the humidity setting, you don't have to push any button to find it out.

The main control output can be set for either increasing or decreasing the humidity. The controller also has two programmable alarm relays that can be set as absolute alarm or deviation alarm to warn the user when humidify is beyond a set point The alarm output can also be used in conjunction with the main control output as a dual output controller. e.g. User can use the main control output to drive a humidifier and the high limit alarm output to drive a dehumidifier. When the humidify is below the set point, the humidifier will be on. When the humidity is above the set point, the dehumidifier will be turned on.

A fast response, capacitive relative humidity sensor is included. It has high accuracy, high reliability, consistency, and is temperature compensated.

In addition to the on/off control mode which meets the needs of most the applications, the controller can also be set to PID control mode for higher precision control.

All settings can be locked with pass code to prevent accidental change by the operator


  • 3% accuracy over the entire input range
  • Displays both the set point and actual relative humidity
  • Supports both humidifying and dehumidifying mode
  • Built-in 10 A relay output with both NC and NO contacts
  • Dual alarm outputs with 10+ activation methods/situation
  • High brightness, large LED display - easily read from distance
  • Manual, technical support and 90-days warranty

Main Specifications:

Input typeRelative humidity sensor
DC voltage:0~5V
Input range5~95%
DisplayTwo lines, Four digits
Display Resolution0.1RH%
Accuracy3% of full input range
Control modeOn-Off
Output modeRelay w/ NO and NC contacts: 7A at 240VAC, 10A at 120VAC
AlarmProcess high/low alarm, deviation high/low alarm
Alarm outputRelay contact: 1A at 240VAC, 3A at 120VAC, or 3A at 24VAC
Power supply
voltage rating
Front panel
1.89 x 1.89", or 48 x 48 mm (1/16 DIN)

Default setting:

Input sensor: Capacitive relative humidity sensor (sensor included).
Display Unit: 1 RH %
Display resolution: 0.1 RH %
Alarm 1: Deviation low
Alarm 2: Deviation high




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