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Digital Temperature Humidity Meter Thermometer

(Model: DHT-1)

ราคาพิเศษ 1,500 บาท


Product Description

+This Meter determines and displays exactly the Humidity,Temperature,Timer and Clock of the current indoor/outdoor simultaneously.

Product Feature

-Extra large LCD display 
-Outdoor temperature probe (removeable) 
-Displays ºC or ºF (by switch at back) 
-Automatic recording of Min.and Max. readings of temperature and humidity 
-Countdown timer with alarm 
-24 hour format clock with alarm                            
-Flip out desk stand or wall mount 
-Robust ABS plastic case / Low battery warning
-Dimensions 150mm x 100mm x 23mm 
-6 Months Warranty  / Will ship worldwide

-Temperature indoors & Outdoors 
-Humidity indoors 
-Min and max recording 
-Clock and alarm / Countdown timer

Product Specification / Models

-Temperature range indoors -30 - 50ºC (-22 - 122ºF ) 
-Temperature range outdoors -50 - 70ºC (-58 - 158ºF ) 
-Temperature resolution 0.1ºC 
-Temperature accuracy ±1ºC 
-Humidity range 20-95% RH 
-Humidity resolution 1% 
-Humidity accuracy ± 5% 
-Powered by 1 x AAA battery (supplied) 


+This is a full function hygrothermometer. These are not your usual el-cheapo device, they are stylish and
functional quality units. 

Other Information

1. Installing and Replacing the battery :
This Meter requires one‘AAA’battery (1.5V)
 To install or replace the battery:
1>Open the battery cover, below the stand.
2>Insert the battery
3>Replace the battery cover
 *Low battery Warning: This warning icon will appear on the LCD screen when the main unit battery is low and need replacing.
 * When the power is off, Time/Temp,Hum/Max,Min will be resetted.

2. Temperature Setting : This unit will measure the Indoor/Outdoor Temp.
  *°C/°F Exchange : The temp will be displayed in °C or °F unit. The unit can be selected by switching the °C/°F slide switch at the back of the unit.

3. In/Out, Max/Min Setting :
 *In/Out display shows indoor Temp(with In icon) or outdoor Temp(with Out icon) selected by the In/Out key.
 *Maximum/Minimum : The user can view the maximum and minimum Temp./Humidity records by pressing‘Max/Min’key.
  Press the key once again,it will return to the normal situation.
  The Max/Min recorded Temperature and Humidity readings will automatically be stored in the memory.

4. Manually setting the Clock :
1>Press「MODE」three more seconds until the Hour display begin to flash
2>Press「SET」until the Hour is set.
3>Repeat press「MODE」and the Minutes begin to flash
4>Press「SET」until the Minutes is set.
5>When the last setting has been made, Repeat press「MODE」to exit and return to the normal time display mode.

5. Manually setting the Clock Alarm :
1>Press「MODE」and a ‘Alarm’ signal will be displayed on the LCD.
2>From the next steps are same as above [4.setting the Clock 1>∼4>] 
3>When the last setting has been made, Repeat press「MODE」and then will be
disappeared  ‘Alarm’ signal or will automatically return to the normal time display mode.
4>The alarm will automatically activate itself for 1 minute unless disabled
5>Press「MODE」to momentarily stop the alarm

6. Manually setting the Timer: 「Timer」mode
1>Press「Timer」mode ‘M-SET’> Repeat press ‘M-SET’ until M setting ‘S-SET’> Repeat press ‘S-SET’ until S setting
2>Holding down  key for 3 Sec., setting will be changed to 00:00.
3>In state of inputted Min/Sec at timer, press  key for count start and press the key once again for stopping.
4>After count is completed, you hear the Alarm, then press   key to stop.
 ( The data value will be displayed as before) 

7. Use of the Flip-Out Stand :
- Flip-out the plastic stand on the rear of the unit for table standing. Stand the unit on a flat surface.
 -Wall-Mounting the unit: 
  1.Drive a screw the wall
  2.Locate into the hanger slot on the back of the  unit until it locks into place


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