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(Digital Handheld Stroboscope with 50-12,000 FPM)

(Model: DT-2350PA)

ราคาพิเศษ 8,000 บาท

DT-2350PA is an essential tool to measure the rotational speed of a rotating object and to inspect the defect on its surface without the need to adhere any mark to reflect the light, and thereby without the need to halt the object from its rotation. Capable to provide image of single, two or multiple stillness for the vibration object, rapidly rolling object or a periodic motion object, and can also use to observe the movement tracks. It uses xenon lamp which has a very bright illumination and allows room light operation at long distance and emits an adjustable flash rate. When the rate of the flash equals the velocity of the moving object it appears still and if the speed of the flash is a unit fraction below or above the object's cyclic speed (motion of the object), it appears to move backward or forward, depending on the flash frequency. Both of these can be used to analyze a moving process that is running at high speeds. DT-2350PA features a built in LCD that accurately displays the Flashes Per Minute (FPM) with no guessing errors. It has several key application features including dual stage strobe technology that produces strong flash of light at low range and week flash of light at high range to protect the bulb at high flash rates as well as the very stable internal/external trigger switch and external trigger jack for easy operation and synchronization. This trigger switch & jack can be used to trigger external equipment or be triggered by an external equipment. It also equipped with Flash Timer Control that protect the operational life of flash tube,produces a flash range from 50-12,000 Flashes Per Minute.

Measuring the speed is as easy as aiming the beam to the object, adjusting and synchronizing the flash rate such that a "stop-action" effect (still) or slow moving picture can be seen. By pressing the control button, operators can change the speed of the strobe, highlighting different sections of a rotating shaft and see all sides of a coupling. Changing the speed of the strobe while inspecting a belt, "fraying", bad splices and missing chinks can be discovered before the belts fly apart.

Usage & Applications:
How do you look at machinery that is moving rapidly and determine where there is failure before there is break down? DT-2350PA Professional Stroboscope or strobe is ideal for general purpose use, industrial use, condition monitoring applications, location of faulty operations on packaging & bottling machinery, packaging and laboratory, bell cooling systems, non-contact speed checking, machine motion monitoring, fault diagnosis, machine balancing, check & maintenance of rotating fan, and inspecting defect on its surface. It also plays an important role in studying the rotational speed of a rotating object, reciprocating, and oscillating or vibrating objects as well as in the study of stresses on machinery in motion, in many other forms of research, in producing moving pictures, numerous toys, quality control, motion analysis, vibration problems, maintenance work, experiments in engineering projects, production line checks, examination and speed measurement of motors under various loads, gear movement and engagement, alignment of parts, cams, propellers, fan blades, centrifuges, spindles, turbines, countless pumps, motors, belts, agitators, conveyor, motor couplings and other machinery exhibiting repetitive motion.

We keep in mind that the safety of the user should always comes first. We made sure that our products has the CE marking which indicate conformity with the essential health and safety requirements set out in European Directives. Your Safety is Guaranteed while using the DT-2350PA.
Key Features:

With CE marking that indicate conformity with the essential health and safety requirements set out by the European Directives * Provides image of single stillness, two stillness or multiple stillness for the vibration object, rapidly rolling object or a periodic motion object, and can also observe the movement tracks * Can measure the rotational speed of a rotating object and to inspect the defect on its surface without the need to stop the machine and to adhere any mark to reflect the light and without the need to contact the object * Offers wide measuring range of 50 to 12,000 FPM with high resolution * Can be externally triggered or it can trigger external equipment * Equipped with Flash timer that helps in conservation of the flash tube * 110V with US Power Plug * Allows external triggering device to automatically synchronize with the equipment * Features instant results that's clearly & legibly shown on an easy-to-read LCD screen and exact reading with no guessing or errors * Approved by strict quality and safety standards that insures DURABILITY for LONG and TROUBLE-FREE life * Brand new and synchronous signal output


  • Standardization: CE
  • Measurement Range: 50~12,000 FPM
  • Display: 5 digits, 10mm (0.4") LCD
  • Parameters Measured: Flashes per Minute (FPM)
  • Resolution: 0.1 FPM (50~999.9 FPM) , 1 FPM (over 1000 FPM)
  • Accuracy: ±(0.05%n + 1d)
  • Sampling Time: 0.3 second
  • Flash tube life 100 Million
  • Flash Adjust: Coarse adjustment, fine adjustment , ×2 and ÷2 for fast check
  • High & Low Range: Manual Conversion (Flashing light is much brighter at low range than at high range)
  • Flash tube type: Xenon lamp
  • Operating Conditions: 0~40°C temperature , below 85%RH
  • Power Supply: 220V A.C.
  • Weight: about 1000g
  • Triggering Mode Interior/Exterior
  • External trigger signal input for simultaneous test of measurement
  • Flash tube life 100 million
  • External trigger level: 3-24V (see the diagram below)

Accessories included:

FREE 1 pc Spare Flashing Tube Bulb * 1 pc Spectroscope with power cable * 1 pc Operating Manual* Protective carrying case with contoured rubber compartments


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