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(10X Jeweler Loupe Magnifier + 6 LED light, 21mm lens)

(Model: GM-10)

ราคาพิเศษ 1,200 บาท

Ideal for use in poor lighting conditions, this 10x lighted loupe features a 21mm lens and contains six bright white LED lights to illuminate the field of view & stones like never before, a perfect light for viewing diamonds and other gemstones. GM10 has triplet lens which makes it achromatically and aplanatically corrected. This battery operated 10x triplet has a slide switch that can be switch to on or off, a storage case to protect the loupe while not in use and key for opening & closing battery compartment. Another advantage is, GM10 uses an optical glass magnifier for better viewing result.

This amazingly useful tool is like a microscope it can bring the smallest detail into view. It eliminates one of the main problems one encounters when using a loupe - a lack of light! Proper illumination is as important as magnification for seeing close-in detail.

Applications & Usage:
Great for jewelers, mechanics, machinists, stamp & coin collectors, arts & crafts, photographers, hobbyists, watch maker and other field that require micro view of the target object. GM-10 is a very useful gadget to carry along whether you use it to examine jewelry or gems, look inside the movement of a watch, inspect and catalogue coins and stamps, inspect or view photographs, printing, miniature art, mold making or just for reading the "fine print" of a document. Its incredibly useful as well to use for electronics repair, soldering micro-parts & precision machining.

Precision LED illuminated magnifier! Bright White Light Just Where You Need It!

Key Features:

* Loupe with 6 LED light * 10x Triplet with 21mm optic lens * Achromatically and aplanatically corrected lens * Bright image and good visibility, even in poor light conditions * Powerful precision glass lens brings fine micro-detail into view * Updated with attached super-bright LED light lets you use loupe in any lighting conditions * Made with the finest quality optics and with top quality metal cases * Brand new!


  • Loupe
  • Power: 10x
  • Diameter of lens: 21mm, optic glass
  • 6 x LED Ultra Bright
  • Foldaway
  • Powered by 3 x CR972 cell batteries

Accessories included:

FREE 3 x CR972 cell batteries * Carrying Pouche * Lock Key



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