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Salinity Meter with Temp 0 - 70ppt Water Quality Tester

(Model: SA-8371)

ราคาพิเศษ 2,800 บาท


837-1 is a multifunction instrument that measures both temperature (ºC/°F) and salinity (ppt) and simultaneously displays results. This meter is commonly used by aquarists to measure the salt content in liquid without the need for conversions.

It has an IP65 waterproof rating. 837-1 has waterproof casing with waterproof membrane keypad that protects the meter from water (from any direction) and dust.

It features multipoint calibration, single press calibration per range, conductivity to TDS conversion factor, built-in NaCL temperature coefficient, built-in ATC to ensure 100% accuracy. Having an ATC in a meter is very important because even the slightest change in temperature affects the accuracy of reading results. ATC lets the meter automatically adjust to the current environment temperature. Auto & manual ranging feature gives you an option to automatically determine and select a range that gives the greatest resolution and accuracy or manually select your preferred range.

Applications & Usage:
It quickly and accurately measure salt concentration in koi ponds. Salt deters algae growth, detoxifies nitrite, and eliminates fish parasites and bacterial infections. Ideal for checking salt in fish hospital tanks and tropical aquariums, water monitoring, seawater-prepared food solutions, breeding ponds, aquariums, holding tanks and more!

All push-button calibration & operation and intended for outdoor or indoor use.

Key Features: Offers unquestionable performance, cost-effective and reliable!

  • IP65 Waterproof housing (waterproof & dustproof)
    (Water splashed from any direction onto the housing have no harmful effects)
  • With CE Marking, tested according to European international guidelines and standards
    (Contains certified components to ensure safe, reliable and accurate results)
  • Simultaneous display of Temperature & Salinity
  • °C/°F unit switchable
  • Waterproof membrane keypad
  • Built-in NaCL Temperature coefficient
  • Conductivity to TDS conversion factor
  • High accuracy and with built-in ATC
  • Multi point calibration guarantees full range accuracy
  • Easy one-touch calibration
  • Calibration data can be retained & be viewed anytime
  • Allow factory default resetting
  • With over & below the limit value indicator
  • Auto and Manual ranging capability
  • Broad Salinity Range 0~70 ppt (NaCL)
  • Accuracy ±1% of Full scale
  • Data hold, hold current reading freeze readings
  • Auto Power-Off Function with disable feature
  • Low battery indicator
  • Direct readout tester for quick measurement
  • Self diagnostic for error messages
  • Large display screen for enhanced readability
  • Totally Brand New


  • Waterproof Rating: IP65
  • Measuring Range:
    • Salinity: 0.00~10.0 ppt (NaCL) and 10.1~70.0ppt (NaCL)
    • Temperature Compensation: 0~50°C
  • Accuracy:
    • Salinity: 1% Full Scale ± 1 digit or 2% Full Scale ± 1 digit (10.1-70.0ppt)
    • Temperature: ±0.5°C
  • Resolution:
    • Salinity: 0.01ppt or 0.1ppt
    • Temperature: 0.1°C/°F
  • TDS Factor: Built-in NaCL conductivity to TDS conversion factor
  • Built-in NaCL Temperature coefficient
  • Normalization Temperature: Fixed at 25°C
  • Operating Temperature: 0~50°C
  • Power Supply: 4 x 1.5V button batteries (last up to 80hrs continuous work)
  • Auto power off if idle or no operation for 20 minutes
  • Size: 165 x 35 x 32mm

Accessories Included:

  • FREE 1.5V LR44 battery x 4
  • User Manual
  • Standard Packaging Box

All our products are manufactured under the strict quality control guidelines established by EN ISO9001-2000 Standards

Operating Information:

837-1 can be used in two ways, auto-ranging and manual ranging.

Below are the easy steps in using the meter while in auto-ranging mode. Auto-ranging is the default mode when you turn on the meter. The meter will automatically select the most suitable measurement parameter.

1. Remove the cover from the meter to expose the probe out. Press set key to turn the meter on. Wait till the meter's display stabilize.
2. Rinse the probe with distilled water to remove impurities.
3. Immerse the probe into the sample, make sure that the whole probe is under the solution. Stir the probe gently to make sure that no air bubbles are trapped in between the probe.
4. Wait for a about for about 15min then you will see the unit of measurement flashing on screen, this means that the meter is now measuring. The flashing stops when it gets a stable reading.
5. Press hold key to freeze current reading. Press hold key again to release the hold mode.
6. Press the set key to turn the meter off once done measuring.

You can select from °C, and °F. Below are the easy steps in using the meter in manual ranging mode.

Setting the Temperature Unit (switching from °C and °F and vice versa)

1. Press set key to turn the meter on. Wait till the meter's display stabilize.
2. Press set key more than 2sec. then press the mode key or hold key until P1.0 appears on screen then press set key shortly.
3. Press mode key or hold key to select °C/°F then press set key shortly to save temperature settings.

Easy to calibrate with just a push of a button, no need to calibrate with screw driver !

1. Dip the probe into distilled water for about 30min to rinse the probe
2. Select the Sodium Chloride Standard (not included) that is closed to your measurement range.
3. Pour the calibration solution into 2 separate clean containers, about 3cm in height each.
4. Switch the meter on.
5. Rinse the probe into the first container and gently stir to remove contaminants.
6. Dip the rinsed probed into the second container.
7. While immersed on the second container, tap the probe on the bottom of the container to remove air bubbles. Leave the meter immersed in the calibration solution for 15min to let the probe stabilize to the calibration solution temperature.
8. Press hold key longer than 2sec to begin calibration. The SALT value will flash on screen.
9. Press hold key or mode key to adjust the value in order to match calibration solution.
10. When "CAL" stops flashing and display the calibration value. Press set key shortly to save the calibration and go back to measuring mode. If "CAL" won't stop flashing even after you have finished the adjustment, please check the calibration solution's value and do step 8 again.


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