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600ml Ultrasonic Cleaner Jewellery Dental Watch 220V

Sonic Wave Ultrasonic Cleaner with 600ML Capacity (VGT-800)

ราคาพิเศษ 1,990 บาท


VGT-800 are models engineered to give quality cleaning results. It uses the cavitation process to efficiently clean intricate shaped parts fast. This Ultrasonic Cleaner is a powerful enough to gently clean your jewelry, eyeglasses and even dentures and many other objects that require precision cleaning in minutes! The stainless steel tank holds up to 600ml of water and run in 220 voltage. Plus the 35W & 40HKz cycle ultrasonic energy wave feature sweeps dirt, dust or grime away easily!
Equipped with quite and solid state circuitry with isolated-circuit design to keep water away for enhanced safety. It comes with a removable cleaning basket & watch stand to prevent the transducers and/or reduce cavitation to be damaged as well as positioning the item within the optimal cleaning zone of the tank. All our VGT-800 available stocks run in 220V.

How does it work?
Ultrasonic cleaning uses frequencies that produces random cavitation. Cavitation is the formation and activity of bubbles (or cavities) and is believed to be an important mechanism in the actual particle removal process, because cavitation has sufficient energy to overcome particle adhesion forces and cause particles to be removed. When cavitation occurs throughout the tank, all sides of submerged parts are cleaned. Ultrasonic cleaning is powerful enough to remove tough contaminants, yet gentle enough not to damage the substrate. It provides excellent penetration and cleaning in the smallest crevices and between tightly spaced parts in a cleaning tank.

VGT-800 is an ideal device for laboratories, electron workshops, glasses shops, jewelry shops, clocks and watches shops, mobile phone repair shops, hospitals, dentistry, office and even for home use. This is really a good buy for a wide range of applications and this includes:
****** Jewellery : Necklaces, Rings, Earnings, Bracelets etc.
****** Glasses, Waterproof Watches & Timepieces
****** Personal care items : Electric Shaver Heads, Razor Blades, Dentures,
****** Combs, Toothbrushes etc.
****** Pen-heads, Printer-heads, Seals etc.
****** Watch Parts, Ancient Coins, Badges, Valves, Machine Nozzles etc.
****** Metal dishware other valuables!

We constantly keep in mind that the safety of the user should always comes first. We made sure that our products has CE marking which means it comply with all the necessary health and safety required standards set by the European Directives as well quality & safety approvals from GS, FCC, AJA ISO9001:2000 and UKAS

Simply fill the tank with water and get professional cleaning results! Add sparkle to your life and get VGT-800 Ultrasonic Cleaner.



Features: Easy to use with substantial advantages over current technologies

  • Dirt Elimination Process through Ultrasonic Technology
  • Can accommodate up to 600mL of liquid
  • With product safety and quality approval from GS, AJA ISO9001:2000, UKAS and CE (Europe)
  • Tested to comply with FCC standards
  • Uses 35 watts and 40KHz energy wave of cleaning power
  • Four ways of cleaning power
  • Quite, solid state circuitry
  • Isolated-circuit design, keep water away for enhanced safety
  • Will not inflict damage to the items that are being cleaned
  • Brand new


  • Cleaning Principle: Ultrasonic
  • Tank Size: 155 x 95 x 52mm
  • Volume: 600ml
  • Power: 35W
  • Frequency: 40KHz
  • Time Setting: 3-minute auto cut-off
  • Power Supply: AC220~240V 50Hz
  • Over-all Size: 200 x 140 x 125mm
  • G.W: 905±5g

Accessories included:

  • User's Manual
  • Plastic Basket
  • Plastic Watch Stand
  • Your choice of Power Cord (choose from the available power cords: Australia, UK, Europe)


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